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7 blogs where Language is English American or Chinese or German or French or Portuguese or Indonesian

The Ed Blog
I'm Ed and you aren't
Category: Humor
Are You The Funny Heavy Celebrity Soul Mate Success Nookie Love Date ?
Category: Humor
s**ner blew is a skank
You and I know and the skank knows ... the skank is a big fat stinky lamebrained loser
Category: South America
jamie the fruit is a gayass spammer
no more gay ass spammers
Category: United States
German Browserspiele und Onlinegames im Internet spielen
Jede Menge Browsergames aus den Genres: Strategiespiele, Rollenspiele, Actionspiele, Simulationsspiele, Managerspiele und viele mehr.
Category: Games
Weight Loss Drugs - weight loss information
Weight loss drugs blog provide information and news for different weight loss drugs.
Category: Health
Browsing the Bookshelves
Eclectic outpourings as books pass through
Category: Hobbies
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