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About blogHi!

blogHi! is simply a free online blogging service. BlogHi!'s goal is to become a useful blog hosting tool. We don't have insidious marketing stories; our story is our website itself. We're also not a fat budget company, however we do try hard to stay competitive and offer a quality online service.


blogHi! runs a light blogging engine designed with Open Source software: PHP and MySQL. The blog skins & templates come from WordPress, a well-known leader in server-managed blogging. However, internally, we do not run Wordpress!; we developed our own light and scalable blogHi! hosting platform.

Advertisement information

Optional advertisement will be displayed on some of your pages. If present, advertising will be clearly labeled as such. We might as well introduce a premium service at some point, however any major blogging features are and will remain free.

Operational costs

blogHi! is operated by one man only, as a hobby and a service to the internet community. You can encourage him to keep this service up and running by making a donation.